I keep a well-stocked cleaning closet. Seriously, when I go shopping for groceries and household items, I am more excited about getting cleaning supplies than anything else.  It makes my heart happy having my cleaning closet packed with all the things I need to keep my home clean and well maintained.

The  Cleaning Closet blog is where I write about cleaning and taking care of my home. Okay, I know this can be a boring topic. But that is not the case for me, as I like to find unorthodox ways to get things done. Who says a plunger can’t be used in your kitchen sink? I think you understand now what I mean when I say I don’t get bored with cleaning.

There is no doubt you’ll find some handy tips to help you out. So get out your cleaning binder, start making notes so you don’t forget any tips, and let’s keep our homes squeaky clean. As much as possible…



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